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See Calgary’s Mattress Professionals for your new bed, mattress, and pillows!

“We don’t sell beds; we sell A Good Night’s Sleep.”

Calgary Simmons Mattress Gallery's Labour Day Sale!

Calgary Simmons Mattress Gallery’s Labour Day Sale!

Find the Perfect Mattress

Charlie Gouldsborough, owner - Simmons Mattress Gallery Calgary

Charlie Gouldsborough, owner – Simmons Mattress Gallery, Calgary

No matter your age, where you come from or where you work, you need a great night’s sleep.

The owners and staff at Simmons Mattress Gallery in Calgary are there to help you get it.

“We aren’t in the business of selling mattresses,” says Charlie Gouldsborough, owner of Simmons Mattress Gallery. “There are no gimmicks here. We’re here first and foremost to make sure our customers get a great night’s sleep.”

The store’s knowledgeable staff help visitors find the perfect mattress depending on two basic factors—level of support and level of comfort.

The level of support will determine what kind of spring or foam core their mattress has. This depends on an individual’s size, weight, whether they will be sharing the bed with a partner, and other needs. The level of comfort can be controlled by the padding and linens placed on top of the mattress.

“We spend time with the customer and listen to what their needs are, whether they’re looking for their child’s first bed, a guest bed, or a bed for their master bedroom,” Gouldsborough says.

The 16-year-old, independently family-run company provides end-to-end service to provide a great, easy and fast experience for customers, from the selection process to the moving and home set-up.

“We simplify and streamline the bed-buying process for our customers,“ he says.

Simmons Mattress Gallery is located at 7145 11 St., S.E. in Calgary, Alberta.

Sleep Chest Cabinets

Sleep Chest Cabinet - Simmons Mattress Gallery, Calgary

BedMATCH System

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